Today, amid great uncertainty and unease across our country, I am reminded that the roots of Habitat for Humanity’s mission were formed in a climate of segregation and division.

Forged in controversy yet committed to collaboration, Habitat has always been a place where people of all backgrounds, faiths and races can come together to build walls that matter and to build bridges across divides as great as those that we face in our current political environment. Nearly every sitting President and politicians of all stripes support this important work. Though we are most closely identified with this country’s 39th President, Jimmy Carter, we are fiercely non-partisan and advocate with the interests of the families we serve on our hearts and in our minds.

In this spirit, we believe that it must be the voters that determine the outcome of this election, not any one candidate. Every eligible vote must be counted. The uncounted votes may represent our grandmothers or grandfathers, our service men and women, our neighbors, ourselves or those of a future Habitat Homebuyer. As such, we stand firmly with our colleague organizations, advocates, activists and community leaders here in New York and across the country in support of the integrity of the electoral process and to demand justice in the fight for an accountable democracy.

Regardless of the outcome of this election once known, Habitat for Humanity New York City will continue to promote connection and collaboration, and will remain committed to supporting those in need of a simple, decent and affordable place to call home across New York City and in communities across Westchester County.

Stand with us,

Karen Haycox
CEO, Habitat for Humanity New York City