I’m Ricardo Sebastián – an entrepreneur and humanitarian who works around the world – and I’m excited to team up with Habitat NYC’s Young Professionals (HYP NYC) chapter. Together, we’ve set a goal to grow HYP NYC into the number one HYP chapter in the country by focusing on advocacy and fundraising through special events.

HYP is a way for young professionals around the country to engage with their local Habitat for Humanity affiliates. Here in New York, HYP NYC is a membership-based leadership organization comprised of industry and community leaders, ages 21 to 40, who leverage their skills and engage their networks in support of Habitat NYC. Through advocacy and fundraising efforts, HYP NYC members work to actualize Habitat NYC’s vision of a city – and world – where everyone has a decent place to live.

I’ve been part of the national HYP network for more than six years, formerly serving as the HYP Chicagoland Chair, where our chapter raised over $150,000. I then landed a coveted spot on the national Habitat Young Professionals Advisory Council (HYPAC), where I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity International in the ongoing development and expansion of HYP as a national volunteer movement. This incredible journey is what led me to New York City and HYP NYC.

HYP NYC is unique because it approaches volunteering in a new and exciting way. While swinging a hammer is absolutely at the core of our volunteerism, the HYP NYC Board is paving a new path to impact affordable housing by shifting the culture of volunteerism. In the past, volunteering was about doing good and feeling good but, in a city like New York, we recognize how valuable time is. So the HYP NYC Board starting moving towards creating mutually beneficial experiences that empower HYP NYC members to develop and leverage their skills, helping them accelerate their professional journey.

After realizing how many people didn’t know the many ways to support Habitat NYC, we launched a calendar of events that will engage both HYP NYC members and the public, and will educate attendees about Habitat NYC’s impact beyond the build site. If you want to access the full events calendar then join us as an official member of HYP NYC!

It’s easy to think of events as purely social, but they’re also an opportunity to learn from each other, and to inspire change. From a business standpoint, events are an opportunity to engage new industries and businesses with our mission. All the while, we’re able to empower and offer professional development to the volunteers who are championing these community events.

The HYP NYC Board’s focus on advocacy and fundraising through special events has created a number of new opportunities, but more than anything else, we’re excited to bring people together!

If you live in New York City, you know how lonely it can get out there – everyone is always hustling and working on their next power move. HYP NYC creates a space for you to just be you, to learn and connect, all the while doing good. Building and preserving affordable housing is already a very complex process, so we need advocates in all sectors and in all communities.

It doesn’t matter what your industry or background is. Everyone can relate to needing a safe, decent, affordable place to call home. HYP NYC is your opportunity to learn, grow, and make an impact. 

See you at the next event! 
Director of Special Events