At Habitat NYC, our core mission is a commitment to home and by extension, family. Home for families of all sizes, faiths, and national backgrounds. But with the harrowing news of what is transpiring at our borders, I can only think of the faces of the children that I have seen across the globe in my 20 years of building homes with Habitat. They are the faces of the wailing children we now see on our news feeds.

Children seeking safety. Seeking protection. Seeking home.

Children. Separated from their parents, tagged with numbers, herded onto buses, transported to “detention centers.”

Children. Taken from the arms of their parents – their only remaining vestige of home in an unfamiliar place. Crying for help. Crying for comfort.

At times, the cost of staying silent is greater than the cost of speaking up. I believe that this is one of those times. This is not a political issue. Habitat NYC is not a political entity. This is a moral issue. A decency issue.

I believe that it is time that we say “enough.”

Call your representatives. Call for action. Demand that the children be returned to their parents’ arms – a child’s home away from home. If you pray, pray for these families, pray for our country but above all else, take action on behalf of these precious children.